European Multiplier Event I GET ADAPT :« Innovation and Good Practices Exchange through Adaptation and Testing of Suggestopedia as a High Effective Teaching Method »

Lecture orginized as part of the European project Erasmus + startegic Partnership " I GET ADAPT".
This project combining Bulgarian (Technical Training Bulgaria, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyustendill), French (Médialys), Italian (Scuola Centrale Formazione) and Cypriot (TT Education & Training Centre Lld Larnaca) partners concern the dissemination, the adaptation et the implementation of a specific learning method called Suggestopedia.
This method particlarly applies to people of low qualificationinsisting on the environment provided to the learner, the activation of multiple memories and a learning principle through role play.
Beyond this specific method, it seams important for us to underline the main aim:
  • The international and national context of the basic knowledge achievement and its stake regarding  employment and citizenship
  • The solutions and limits currently found in the support of people towards basic knowledge achievement
  • Suggestopedia as a method participating to a better basic knowledge acquirement

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