Do Your Mob 2021 | Bologna December 2nd et 3rd 2021

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CEC member Scuola Centrale Formazione is glad to invite you to the 10th edition of Do Your MOB!

Do Your MOB celebrates 10 years in a crucial historical moment. After almost 2 years of virtual cooperation and social distancing, we are going to restart with an international event in presence to reflect on how the learning mobility has changed in the last 10 years and how we should manage the future of the mobility, under the framework of the Erasmus program and considering all the impacts brought by the pandemic.

Since 2012, DYM is the international event dedicated to internationalisation and mobility, promoted by Scuola Centrale Formazione.
It is an annual and institutional meeting, whose aims are strictly connected with the necessity to face the coming future and the opportunities offered by the European Policies.

For this reason the 10th DO YOUR MOB will face the topic “The New Mobility: quality and sustainable approaches”.

It is time to RE-START and it is time to valorise what we have learnt from the past 2 years. In this perspective mobility has to be re-thought in terms of:
–       organisational aspects (social distancing, social rules, relationship with the companies)
–       goals and contents of the learning mobility (with a specific attention to soft skills)
–       recognition of learning outcomes acquired in the mobility experience
–       moving from the physical to  blended models (with an eye to the digital competences)
–       encouraging families and all social actors in promoting mobility initiatives
–       strengthen a long – term alliance among mobility partners (also reciprocity)

The event will take place in Bologna, as in its traditional asset, foresees a workshop day on 2nd December and a public seminar on 3rd December.
The workshop day will focus:
– the New Mobility in terms of Organization, Blended Projects, Mobility of Apprentices, Adult and Fragile Targets;
– the Virtual Mobility in terms of Virtual Exchange, its Project Design and Facilitation Skills.

The event would like to share existing experiences (study cases), and to collect the needs of the VET context at international level, in order to launch possible solutions to internationalise competences and systems.

The public conference on 3 December will focus on a political and institutional reflection on the future of European learning mobility and on the value of all international, transversal and professional skills that can be used in the labour market.
The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour, the State-Regions Conference, the European EURO APP Mobility Network, the University of Padua and Confindustria have been invited to reflect on these topics.

LINK to register for the face-to-face event is here:
Deadline to register is 20th November 2021.
The event will be held in Italian with English translation.