Since January 2018, the Think Tank CEC/CET turned into “CEC Focus group”.

This working group is composed of the CEC team (president, vice-president, management and secretariat) and active or honorary experts from the European Commission and civil society (Ex ETUI, ETUC, ILO, CEC members, especially those who agreed to lead the 3 ENELSSIE project working groups).

The task of this working group will be to come up with proposals for policy recommendations, or ideas for European projects to be sent to the European institutions and why not to your local, regional and national policy makers. The thematic of this group will be the following:

  1.  Active Inclusion Strategies in a multi-dimensional perspective: To help the professional and social integration of those excluded/farthest from the labor market, how to combine training, income support, social services provision and assistance to find a job (and possibly the provision of jobs in the social economy
  2.  Low Skills jobs and low skilled persons: How to match the skill existing demand for low qualifications jobs with low skilled young and adult people facing unemployment, through more articulated and personalized employment and training strategies.
  3. Local Partnerships: How local institutions and services providers can coordinate their action to provide the most effective support to people (youth and adults) exposed to exclusion from employment and to social marginalization. 

This working group will be active throughout the year 2018 in order to prepare working documents for this deadline and for the Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee.

In 2018, the CEC working group will propose the following actions:

  • Open questions from April 2018 to December 2018 to several European parliamentarians from the various democratic groups in the European Parliament (do not hesitate to send us the names of the parliamentarians you are working with and those who are likely to be part of the future Parliament);
  •  Organization of European seminar resuming the 3 themes listed above with the support of the European Economic and Social Committee in the second half of 2018, preferably in Brussels in September or October 2018. This seminar could be preceded by an enlarged working group towards the month of June, the place to be determined.
  • Seeking alliances with other European networks, social partners, civil society actors ... with a view to common positions with European institutions and European project development.

2013: Youth unemployment in Europe


The works of the CEC -CET think tank was essentially devoted to the unemployment of young people in Europe. 

Several work documents (only available in French) have been written by members of the think tank:

  • Youth unemployment: situation of unemployment in Europe, particularly of young people aged 15-24.
  • Policies proposed by the European Commission as well as a reflection about fight against precariousness and exclusion situations.
  • The multiple challenges of employment of young people in European cities: the case of the Brussels-capital region.
  • The framework of actions on the youth employment approved by the European social partners in the interprofessional social dialogue in June 2013.

This work will be presented at the European seminar on employment of young people organized by the CEC/CET/EZA on June 20, 2014.

Members of the think tank suggested that an evaluation of the initiative "Youth guarantee" launched by the European Commission be made by the European Parliament in 2015 in order to ensure that this measure is fruitful and especially that the associative sector can effectively participate in this initiative and that it is not reserved to the only training and employment public actors.


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