Educate Yourself

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Social inclusion through self-education and

learning for migrants "Educate Yourself"

in the framework of the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission

Europe is facing an unprecedented wave of migration: European
countries have become an immigration destination for many
populations facing distress in their home countries. The economic
integration of migrants is one of the priorities of the EU
comprehensive approach to migration. It is crucial to empower
migrants and refugees to develop the skills and to get access to
knowledge and support that can enable them to build a solid
livelihood and to be socially included in Europe. The migration
challenge can be turned into an opportunity to create economic
growth and jobs.
The project's innovation is in the aspects of the methodologies
used for self-education of the target group representatives in
different fields (cultural support, linguistic support, social and
economic inclusion, etc.) – combining analytical researches and
guidelines (outputs 1 and 2) and use of ICT (output 3).
A little bit of context on this Erasmus+
Strategic Partnerships project...


The conduct of a study allowing to underline the principle needs of
migrants in their paths of social integration in the host country
- Development of tools, training courses and guidance materials helping
migrants in their cultural, economic and language integration courses
- Development of an online platform offering practical and useful
information and materials in order to foster the integration of migrants in
their new environment.


- Exchange of best practices between organisations of different European
- Improve the quality and relevance of services offered to migrants through
an analytic study on the needs of migrants towards their social and economic
- Promote employment, professional training and entrepreneurship of


Integrity Consulting Ltd (BG) -
Trinijove (ES) -
CEC (BE) -
Biowin (BG)
Mesogeiako Ekpaideftiko Kentro (GR)
Technical Training Bulgaria (BG)

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