Pave the Way

Pave the Way

is a new project ERASMUS + KA2 starting in October 2017. 


World economic growth and jobs depend on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. In this regard, entrepreneurship creates new companies, opens up new markets, and gained new skills. The most important sources of employment in the EU are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

One of the main challenges of the EU is to increase entrepreneurships, through resolving the following problems:

- Education should offer the right foundation for an entrepreneurial career;

- Difficult access to finance and markets;

- Difficulty in transferring businesses;

- The fear of ‘punitive’ sanctions in case of failure;

- Burdensome administrative procedures.

Target: Low skilled adults


Increase entrepreneurships in Europe by

-          Strengthen cooperation between the organizations from different EU countries, in order to establish the exchange of practices;

-          Improving the quality and relevance of entrepreneurial education through an innovative approach using non-formal learning tools;

-          Promote the development of entrepreneurial skills through development of specific guidelines and online learning platform;

-          Provision of mentoring tools to those who wish to become social entrepreneurs


Lead Partner:
Gis-Transfercenter foundation (BG)

Associated partners:

CEC (BE)  

Fondazione Luigi Clerici (IT)

Fundacio Privada Trinijove (ES)

Technical Training Bulgaria Ltd (BG)


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