2014 - ERASMUS + Key Action 3 : "Support for Policy Reform: Civil Society Cooperation in the field of education and training"

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Download this file (4 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES of ET 2020.pdf)4 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES of ET 2020.pdf[ET 2020 : strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (‘Education and Training 2020’) :]
Download this file (Best Practice Guide.pdf)Best practices guide [Training and the Socio-economic and integration of the low-skilled]
Download this file (Erasmus+ Grid of Best Practices .doc)Grid of Best Practices[Grid elaborated by CEC to be fill in by CEC members to present one or more best practice(s)]
Download this file (TIMELINE OF THE PROJECT.pdf)TIMELINE OF THE PROJECT.pdf[Where you will find all the activities (working groups, seminars) of the project]

Aim : Reinforce  European networks developing VET Policies to improve the active inclusion of low-skilled people in Europe.

Setting-up of 3 working groups for CEC’s members in order to collect, seclect and present at least 20 best practices in the field of VET aiming at the active inclusion of low-skilled people and responding to the labour market needs;
On a basis of an analysis of these best practices, propose some common guidelines to CEC’s members + stakeholders    (CSR Europe, EVTA….) and drafting of policies recommendations  (memorandum) in order to improve VET  systems in Europe and particularly focusing on low skilled people;
Organisation of 3 transnational meetings/seminars dedicated to the development at the European level of Education, Training and social integration enhancing employment for the low-skilled groups.

This project has to meet the objectives of ET 2020.  You will find a summary of these objectives in attachment.


During the European Semester the member states align their budgetary and economic policies with the objectives and rules agreed at the EU level. You will find here this document.

FEBRUARY 2015 : The Best practices guide of the project is now available her below in attachment as well as all the descrption of all Best Practices presented.