European Multiplier Event I GET ADAPT :« Innovation and Good Practices Exchange through Adaptation and Testing of Suggestopedia as a High Effective Teaching Method »

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Lecture orginized as part of the European project Erasmus + startegic Partnership " I GET ADAPT".
This project combining Bulgarian (Technical Training Bulgaria, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyustendill), French (Médialys), Italian (Scuola Centrale Formazione) and Cypriot (TT Education & Training Centre Lld Larnaca) partners concern the dissemination, the adaptation et the implementation of a specific learning method called Suggestopedia.
This method particlarly applies to people of low qualificationinsisting on the environment provided to the learner, the activation of multiple memories and a learning principle through role play.
Beyond this specific method, it seams important for us to underline the main aim:
  • The international and national context of the basic knowledge achievement and its stake regarding  employment and citizenship
  • The solutions and limits currently found in the support of people towards basic knowledge achievement
  • Suggestopedia as a method participating to a better basic knowledge acquirement

The last Operation report (2017)

The last operation report for the year of 2017 is available for you, if you want to read it, please follow this link :

3SP Final Guideline&kits

The main objective of the 3SP Project is to promote motor activity and sports practice in order to favor, in the young people who frequent the paths of Education and Professional Training, styles of healthier lives, interpersonal relationships aimed at welcoming others, more motivation and concentration in the study, greater awareness of the importance of health, greater participation in the activities proposed by the training center.

The 3SP project has led to the development of educational proposals – over 80 structured in 3 kits accompanied by operational manuals and a Methodological Guide – that have been jointly developed by a multidisciplinary staff belonging to the project partnership, and tested during the year 2017 with over 750 young people in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Croatia and the United Kingdom.


The methodological guide describes the values, methodology and benefits for the age group in question.
The approach adopted is that of flexibility understood as a key element, both in the combination of activities and in all aspects of the organization of the exercise that can be carried out in the classroom, it can last a few minutes. The goal is to promote physical and sporting exercise not in a competitive sense, but rather to promote socialization, inclusion and well-being.


This “flexible” approach is at the base of the choice to divide the activities into 3 thematic thematics (translated into 3 KIT) that involve the body in all its aspects, the physical, mental, reflective and relational.

1. Kit Body&Sport

2. Kit Soul&Sport

3.Kit Brain, Heart&Sport


Those three kits are available in English & Italian on the 3SP project website :

Pave the Way - Leaflet

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Our Erasmus + KA2 Strategic partnership project Pave the Way has started,
Please find attached to this article the first newsletter and the leaflet with all the basic information you would need to discover the project !

Enjoy the reading!!

Diopter joint our network !

A new partner just joint the CEC,
A big welcome to Diopter Croatia !

DIOPTER – open university is a private institution for adult education and training with a large number of external experts. The school has been founded in 1995 and since then they had more than 20.000 students.

For further information, check our partner description page or their website:

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